Friday, October 17, 2008

Roger Miller, updated

On Thursday evening, I described some of the older stuff that can be found in Roger Miller's older works.

Before I turn to something a little more updated, let me tell you about "England Swings." While many of Miller's '60s songs consist of verbal theatrics, "England Swings" emphasizes the joy more than the tongue-twisting. In fact, Miller wanted to be taken seriously:

Roger...was never comfortable being portrayed as the down home court jester of pop. "I don't want to appear the hick," he said. "That's the thing I fight a lot." Proving his point, he continued to write and record terrific, serious music that showed many other sides of his personality....Among the novelty smashes and lonesome ballads of Roger's peak years were any number of hits like "England Swings" or "Walkin' in the Sunshine" - songs the sole purpose of which had been to communicate his boundless joy in life.

So, with that introduction, here is the England Swings ReMIX, from Danilow.

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