Friday, January 16, 2009

Robert Smith meets Mike Jones in France

So, what caused me to unintentionally break my 36-hour "vow of semi-silence"? A mashup.

Let's look at the components, even though I already looked at the first component back in December 2006. Twice. I present the video for "A Forest" by the Cure.

Sorry, but embedding of this video has now been disabled. Follow the link and watch it if you've never seen it.

Many years later, unbeknownst to me, a rapper named Mike Jones released a song.

The song was part of Jones' "The American Dream" EP. Matt Barone was not impressed:

Sophomore discs are always dangerous ground, even more so for those with questionable talent. The public will either foolishly fall for the gimmick once again or demand some sort of artistic development. Therein lies Jones’ dilemma. With his smoke-and-mirrors act barely cutting it this time, he better be careful before people wake up from this American dream asking, who was Mike Jones?

Barone had kind words for one of the lyrics in the song "Turning Headz":

Mike Jones does, however, know how to pick beats. The instrumentals here are mostly top-shelf, with Salih, one-half of H-Town production duo Carnival Beats, stealing the show....Salih’s left-field beat work continues on “Turning Headz,” where amped-up synthesizers aid MJ’s humorous wit (“They used to laugh at my belly, now they wanna rubbbb/On my belly every Sunday to get in my clubbbb”).

That line, of course, also appears on "Mr. Jones." According to Wikipedia, the latter song was produced by Myke Diesel.

Apparently the latter song was heard in France.

Dimanche 1 avril 2007
Mr Jones in a Forest
instru : The Cure - A Forest
acapella : Mike Jones - Mr Jones
Mr Jones in a Forest

This post by ComaR, self-described "Bootlegger - Dj - Party promoter," includes a link to an mp3 file of the mashup.

Eventually this song and others made their way to, where I heard it on the afternoon of November 24. My comment at the time:

I'm seeking mashups. Not familiar with "Mr. Jones."

Well, now I am.
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