Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Do you love music like Liz at @1001albums loves music?

Last week I saw this tweet:

Are New Order known for any songs in particular? I feel like i've heard of them but i can think of a famous song of theirs

The tweet came from Liz and her @1001albums account. And if you know me, you'd know that I'd have to respond to that tweet. And despite my love for "Perfect Kiss," I chose to reference another of the New Order songs that I like - "Blue Monday."

Well, Liz ended up blogging about New Order, but she blogged about the album that included "Perfect Kiss." Here's part of her post on "Low-Life":

Overall, this album was alright. As a bringer of dance music, I admire them, but it's more sleepy than peppy at times. "Love Vigilantes" and "The Perfect Kiss", among others, are fun songs that are great to listen to while you're studying.

Now in my case I was already an adult when "Low-Life" came out, but Liz is much younger than I am, and probably wasn't even born when "Blue Monday" came out.

So Liz listened to the album last week, and now is listening to a bunch of other albums this week. You see, she's on a mission:

There's a book out there that I've had on my shelf for years but never really touched. It's the "1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die". They start with Frank Sinatra's "In The Wee Small Hours" from 1955 and go all the way up to 2007.

And Liz plans to listen to all of the albums on the list. With "Low-Life," she's now over halfway through the list.

She's not going exactly in order, so I can't say exactly what albums she'll listen to this week, but her future listening will include artists ranging from the Beastie Boys to Paul Simon to Steve Earle. I'll have to weigh in when she gets to "Infected," "Music for the Masses," "Sign o the Times"...and "Moon Safari."
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