Friday, June 4, 2010

Forever Young, Amen (actually, "Young Forever") with a passing reference to Sherlock Holmes

It's entirely coincidental that this post appears just after another post that mentioned "Forever," since this post originated in my radio listening on Thursday morning. (Since I was listening to KGGI, should I post this in my Empoprise-IE Inland Empire blog?) So anyways, since I don't necessarily hear the top 40 all that much, it turns out that I had never heard this song before Thursday.

Those of a certain age will realize that Jay-Z's "Young Forever" song is primarily based on the old Alphaville song "Forever Young," although it's not accurate to refer to it as a complete sample, since the vocals were not sung by Alphaville's Marian Gold, but were actually done by Mr. Hudson.

Incidentally, the Alphaville song "Forever Young" should not be confused with Bob Dylan's identically-named song. Here's Joan Baez singing "Forever Young" (guess which).

Perhaps Mrs. Hudson will sing this one.
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