Friday, July 12, 2019

But you don't remember at all, as we get older

So one night my wife (not my girlfriend) asked me to help with a DVR problem. She was taping a weeknight show, but the Friday episodes weren't taping.

So I looked at her DVR schedule. The show was programmed to tape all new episodes.

But when I looked at the recording schedule, I saw that the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday episodes were scheduled to be taped, and that the late night repeats on each of those days were NOT scheduled to be taped.

But the first airing on Friday wasn't showing up on the tape schedule either.

I went to the guide for the Friday episode and saw that it was marked as a "New" show, so it should have taped.

At this point, I changed the DVR programming to tape all new and repeat episodes.

Once I made that change, the first airings on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, AND Friday were all scheduled to tape.

And the late night repeats were NOT scheduled.

But forget about all that. The only reason that I wrote this post was to share this Colbert clip for David Byrne's Giant Suit Emporium.

Qu’est-ce que c’est?