Wednesday, March 4, 2015

At least the CSI people don't use Kinks songs for show musical themes

A long time ago, a couple of people were planning a new TV show called "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation." I suspect that during one of those planning sessions, the following conversation took place:

Who do we want to use for the show's musical theme song?


No, I'm asking - who?


Abbott and Costello never get old.

Throughout all of the various shows in the CSI franchise, one constant has been the use of a song from the Who as the theme song for each show. The producers choose a snippet from the song to use as the theme. For the first show, based in Las Vegas, "Who Are You" (without the profanities) was used. The Miami show used "Won't Get Fooled Again." The New York show ended up using "Baba O'Riley"; sadly, the excerpt didn't include the "teenage wasteland" part.

Well, a new CSI show is premiering this evening: CSI: Cyber. It was probably an effort to choose an appropriate song here, since much of the Who's heyday occurred before the advent of the personal computer. Townshend, to my knowledge, never wrote a song about inserting punched cards for an IBM System/360 to read.

But the song that they chose ended up fitting, in a way.

Presumably some of the bad guys will be infiltrating systems from distant countries, so "I Can See For Miles" works on that level.

How long will it be until we get the CSI: Junior Sleuths show? We need to get "My Generation" in here somehow.

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