Tuesday, August 22, 2017


You might have noticed a bit of public quiet on the Ontario Emperor front. After releasing at least one song every month, nothing at all has been released to the Ontario Emperor Bandcamp page (or the Wasp the Houseboy page, for that matter), since June.

If you are a member of the Ontario Emperor group on Facebook, you saw me hinting at the reasons.

...the June release of "Drains to Ocean" was hectic, with some after-the-last-minute changes (including the removal of the song "Drains to Ocean" from the collection "Drains to Ocean").

I characterized this as a #FirstWorldProblem - after all, I didn't die or anything.

But I haven't released any new material either.

Yet for some unknown reason, my OntarioEmperor Facebook page has been drawing attention lately, so I thought I'd start reposting some of the old stuff there.

As a result, I've found myself listening to the featured song from "Drains to Ocean" a lot lately. That song is called "Climbing," and I've reproduced it below.