Monday, April 15, 2013

A minor problem at the Alberta Rose Theatre (UPDATE: RESOLVED)


I still have friends in Portland, Oregon, and one of them alerted me to an interesting pricing strategy for this event at the Alberta Rose Theatre in Portland. The event features Tony Furtado, Kenny White, and DEAN!

My friend, his wife, and their son (who happens to be a musician himself) were planning on going - until they found out the pricing policy for this event.

$15 General Admission | $17 for Minors (under 21)

Most venues charge 18, 19, and 20 year olds the same price that 21 year olds are charged. Minors under 18 will often pay the same price, or perhaps even get a discounted price.

It's rare to see minors charged a HIGHER price than adults, but the definition of minors ("under 21") gives a hint about why this is happening. [CORRECTION 12:30] Via email, the Alberta Rose statedMy friend called the Alberta Rose, and was told that a higher rate was charged for people under 21 because they don't buy alcohol. The venue serves both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and you'd think that they could make up the difference in price by charging high prices for the non-alcoholic drinks. This would also allow them to recoup their money from adults who don't drink.

But apparently the Alberta Rose has settled on a different policy - one that angered my Portland friend and made him decide NOT to take his family to the venue.

I couldn't find any other Alberta Rose events that had this two-tier pricing strategy, so perhaps this is an experiment. If so, it may have already gone awry.


My friend has just posted the following:

"I am pleased to report that this situation has been resolved. There was apparently some miscommunication between the agent and the venue. The price is now the same for minors and adults alike. We are looking forward to going to the show!"
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