Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bringing it all black home

I have scheduled a post about trash collectors to appear in my Empoprise-BI business blog in the near future, and it reminded me of a vaguely-remembered incident in which someone went through Bob Dylan's trash. That someone was Alan J. Weberman, self-styled Dylanologist, whose exploits were covered in a Rolling Stone article.

But while reviewing the article, I ran across something that was forward and visionary. It appears that Weberman, from his extensive study of Dylan, discerned a great truth that would affect 21st century music:

Ann," Alan howled on a sweltering Sunday morning last August. "Ann . . . Ann. Today is Sunday!"

Ann Duncan, standing in the middle of the Archives, was working at a painting of Bob Dylan. Ann is an artist and is working on a series called "Great Moments in Rock." Her first subject is a portrait of Bob, shooting himself into his Current Bag. "Mmnn," she answered. ". . . I know . . . yeah . . . yesterday was Saturday!"
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