Friday, April 12, 2013

When Zoominfo gets confused, you can inhabit a song

Not everything that you see on the Internet is true.

I was performing a vanity search on people that have the name "John Bredehoft," and I ran across a record in Zoominfo that included the following information:

Now some of you have already figured out where this is going. Initially, I didn't. There have been instances in which people with the name "John Bredehoft" have been confused with me, so I initially figured that some poor guy in Kansas had his information scrambled with my own.

Initially I missed the fact that this guy in Kansas had the same middle initial that I do.

And initially I missed the fact that the Zoominfo page included a number of references to this very Empoprise-MU music blog, dating back to 2009.

Eventually I put two and two together...and nearly burst out laughing.

No, there is no person in Kansas with the name John E. Bredehoft.

If you haven't figured it out yet - and as I said, it took me a while to figure out - take a look at this Empoprise-MU post from 2009. Zoominfo somehow took that post and performed a gross misinterpretation of it. I do admit that I know Glen Campbell, but not the one who made that song famous. (Although the Glen Campbell that I know does play a mean ukelele.)

It could have been worse. I've referenced many other songs in this blog, including White Punks on Dope and Anarchy in the UK.
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