Monday, April 7, 2014

If everyone sang their songs

Everyone who was anybody, including all of the Kardashians, were present at Wembley Stadium (not Wembley Arena, but Wembley Stadium) when the concert began.

Morris Albert appeared first, singing "Feelings."

Local heroes The Buggles then sang "Video Killed the Radio Star."

The Americans were represented by Lee Greenwood, who sang "God Bless The U.S.A."

After that, C.W. McCall sang "Convoy."

Right Said Fred followed this up with "I'm Too Sexy."

Meanwhile, the Beatles, reunited via a Google-funded bodily resurrection project, were having an argument over which song they were going to perform.

"Yesterday," Paul McCartney was stating.

"Nonsense," replied John. "It has to be 'Revolution.' The time is right."

"If I may remind you," asserted George, "'Something' was a number one hit."

Ringo sat in a corner, dourly playing cards with a resurrected Mal Evans and Neil Aspinall, saying nothing - but whistling "Act Naturally" as he dealt.
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