Monday, June 12, 2017

My God is Color Blind...and has apparently visited Alexandria, Indiana

Years ago, I wrote about the rarity of my love for Eddie Murphy's song "My God is Color Blind."

In a world of billions of people, I was able to find a few (via YouTube comments) who shared my admiration for the song.

Via blog comments, I've found another one:

I was on the radio the other day & Eddie Murphy's singing career came up. Party all the Time was of course the first song mentioned. But it reminded of my youth back in the mid 80's and that I had this album (I may have had it on cassette, not real clear on that). Anyway, like you, I started thinking about that one song I REALLY liked on the album but drew a blank. I looked up the album on iTunes & BAM - there it was - My God is Color Blind! I immediately downloaded it & have been listening to it in the car over and over on the way to work! I then started thinking I was probably the only other person in the world who liked this song so I googled it & found this blog. I don't know you - I've never heard of your blog - but we shall forever be link together by the ballad of Eddie Murphy! Blue, black or white, you can be a friend of mine!

Steve Koester
Alexandria, Indiana

Note that Steve didn't say anything about the second side of "Total Devo," however. As I said in 2009, "So I can't win them all."
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