Saturday, October 4, 2008

The cute one - the subtle one

John Lennon was well known for shooting his mouth off in his songwriting, and his song "How Do You Sleep?" is well known.

Lennon, however, claimed that his song is actually a response to the Paul McCartney song "Too Many People."

Well, McCartney, who has survived his visit to Israel, is apparently at it again.

Take a look at the lyrics to this song:

"Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight"

You said you love me -- but was it true?
The last thing to do was to lie about me silently.
I said I love you, that's just out of sight.
The last thing to do was to try to betray me
The new morning light, I'll never forget it, and that's just out of sight.

The name of the forthcoming album? "Electronic Arguments."

Is McCartney kicking a woman when she's down?
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