Thursday, October 16, 2008

Next, the Desert Storm rap

OK, perhaps Bobby Vinton as a hip-hop co-star wasn't ridiculous enough. Let's go to the top - well, the top of the Cabinet, anyway. From the Guardian:

Anything MC Rove can do, Colin Powell can do better. Here's Powell flexing his flow with Olu Maintain at London's Africa Rising festival....

Powell's performance at the Royal Albert Hall, which also included – yikes – a bit of rapping, seems positively understated.

Apparently, these moves are taken from a Nigerian dance known as the Yahoozee and not, as some observers have suggested, the popular American dance known as Old Man Looking Awkward in Presence of Beats.

Or, Old Man Preparing to Endorse Obama, as Fox News speculates (forgetting that George W. Bush was a major supporter of Africa during his term in office). The Young Turks don't buy the "dance to endorse Obama" story.

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