Thursday, January 22, 2009

Elavi Dowie and his problems with music distribution

On FriendFeed, Kol Tregaskes shared an article from the Telegraph about the conviction and fining (£330) of Elavi Dowie for the heinous crime of street trading.

You see, back in the 19th century, the city of Manchester passed a law that prohibited someone from trading on Market Street for more than 20 minutes. Dowie, a musician who sells his CDs for £1, was convicted of twice breaking this 19th century law, once by trading for 35 minutes, and once by trading for hours.

How was he caught? Closed-circuit television. And as for the wonders of CCTV, just ask the Inquisitr's Steven Hodson:

England has for the longest time been held up as the beacon of police action through CCTV even though more than one study has proven the benefits to be doubtful. In a move to make England the most watched over society they have spent over £500 million in the last decade but that may all be for naught since they can’t find the money to man the watch stations.

Apprently Manchester still has the money; they reportedly spent £3,000 to rid the streets of Manchester of the terrible menace that is Elavi Dowie.

But you don't have to find Elavi on the street to buy his music. You can visit his website, His music is not on, but you can hear his songs on his MySpace page.
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