Monday, January 19, 2009

Running knows and the Amsterdam mambo

(Note: for personal reasons, I have delayed the publication of this post to today.)

Fifteen years ago, there was a woman named Barbara Tucker who went into the studio to record vocals for a track called "Beautiful People." Discogs commenter ledjfab tells us what happened next:

When Louie Vega, member of the Masters At Work, recorded the vocals of Barbara Tucker for this track, he was stunned by a line that could be repeated as a loop: "Deep, deep inside. Deep, deep, down outside". He then decided to retard the parution of "Beautiful People" to be able to publish "Deep Inside" (as "Hardrive") which instantly became a popular anthem in clubs all over the world. A few months later, "Beautiful People" was received the same way by the crowds, with the "Deep Inside" sample included in the middle of the track (at least in the popular "Underground Network Mix").

Unfortunately, neither track is available on, but they are both available on YouTube.

Here's Tucker (listen beginning 3:05 into this mix - actually, listen to the whole thing):

And here's Hardrive:

Unfortunately, if you've ever read the book Scuse Me While I Kiss This Guy, you know that lyrics can sometimes be misheard. (Time for a sponsored affiliate link.)

Anyway, I don't recall either of these particular songs in that book, but there certainly is a potential for a misheard lyric in there.

Listening to this Dance music station based in Amsterdam; the lyrics sound like 'deep deep in snot".

P.S. Apparently Louie Vega and Lou Bega are two different people, so don't expect a mambo song with the line "A little bit of snot-face in my life."

P.P.S. The title of this post is taken from the final aria of P.D.Q. Bach's "Iphegenia in Brooklyn." Of course, that pales in comparison to the lyrical and musical brilliance of the ground...
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