Friday, January 2, 2009

Some Inland Empire Music Blogs (from the same person)

I was perusing my Empoprises Disqus comments and ran across this one from DJ City Wide:

Cool post. We are going to link your blog to our Goodfellas Twitter and Tell people on our myspace page.

No links to either, but there was a link to the DJ City Wide Blog, which includes posts such as an announcement of a December 12, 2008 Metallica after-party at Goodfellas in Rancho Cucamonga.

But this blog also announced a separate blog:

Can of Dj is blog from my cell phone"
They are pressed as they come.
1 to 3 times a day at times.
This is more rapid then my Dj City Wide Blog.
Feel free to subscribe to this also.
Thanks for reading.

As someone who engages in mobile blogging, I can attest that it's often easier to blog in a mobile fashion, although it's hard to include detailed content (but easy to include pictures).

Both blogs are authored by a man named Gabriel, a/k/a "Crazy Gabe." He has a MySpace account, which has its own blog. The guy obviously likes to write, and in fact provided this biography at MySpace:

Gabriel grew up in the roughest cities east of Los Angeles,California. Gabriel was fortunate to grow up Chicano with "Rock" parents. His parents influenced him with sounds of Santana,Aerosmith,Jimi Hendrix,Led Zeppelin. He would play with his mothers records, and watch live footage that was recorded by them at many of concerts they attended.

When he was in 2nd grade and living in Pomona,California his Cousin Gabe Escobedo and his friend Steve Huerta were Dj's. They introduced him to Old School. (LL Cool J,N.W.A.,Whodini)

After Moving to Rancho Cucamonga,California in the 4th grade he was closer to his cousin Shelly, in Ontario. Shelly introduced him to 80's(Duran Duran) which opened him up to a new genre of music.

While in Jr. High and throughout High School his friend Edgar Alvarez(Dj Pisto;Crooks) introduced him to House music, and party crews.

While his senior year at Chaffey High school. He was told by Vince Barcelona (Dj Asprin) a friend from his party crew the "Stray Cats" had turntables for sale (Dj Jose Cafe.)

In 1997, his close friend Alfredo Castro (Dj Pieface/Emcee Hashbrown) opened him up to hip hop. He works for Guitar Center to this day, and gave him a deal on new equipment that changed his life forever.

He attended the Academy of Radio Broadcasting in Huntington Beach,California in 2000 with Super Steve(Kroq 106.7)Evelyn Erivez (99.1 KGGI) Claire Beverly (Traffic.)

Over a decade later, he has dj'ed all over So.California including Hollywood,Weddings,Private Parties,Casino's,Corporate parties.

Book him Now!

Speaking of MySpace, Goodfellas' MySpace account is here. Still haven't found that Goodfellas Twitter account, though. But there is a Goodfellas MySpace blog, including a post with over a dozen tips on promoting a gig.
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