Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Miss You - An Extended Version Done Right

I'm old.

I remember the 1970s.

And I remember the "extended versions" of songs that were issued around that time. In most cases, they took the original song; added heavy, heavy padding; and then released the result in twelve-inch form. (I'm referring to a vinyl record.)

While this resulted in a long, long groove that could be enjoyable in its own right, the padding was evident.

Well, I discovered tonight that there's a 7 minute and 31 second version of the Rolling Stones' "Miss You." It's referred to as a "dance version." H/T to RAPatton/pattonroberta for sharing the track, which last.fm users can hear by going here.

When I first began listening to the version, I had some fears that I was going to hear the usual padding that 1970s "extended version" songs had at the time.

But by the time I finished listening, I was convinced that THIS was the original version and that the album version was just a truncated version of the original song. It sounded that complete.

But then I did some research and found out that the seven-and-a-half minute version was itself truncated:

In 1978, a "Special Disco Version" was released as a 12" single. It featured additional extended vocals and a heavier, bass-enthused drumbeat. It ran 8:36 in length. An edited 7:31 version appears on the CD, "Rarities 1971-2003".

So the 7:31 version is itself an edit. Wow.

but then 8:36 version isn't the longest version of the song.

A bootleg demo version of the song exists clocking in at 11:43. Jagger's lead vocal is less pronounced but audible.

Now I'd love to hear THAT version...
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