Sunday, February 8, 2009

No TV party tonight - Grammys another victim of US TV network west coast tape delays

I posted the following comment on FriendFeed early this evening.

US TV networks to west coast - drop dead.

I have lived on the west coast of the United States for the past thirty years. And for thirty years I have stewed upon a particular practice of the US television networks - namely, their fairly consistent failure to take events shown live on the East Coast and show them live on the West Coast.

With the exception of sporting events, most live events aren't live out here. And even sporting events aren't always live - when I lived in Portland in 1979, Monday Night Football was delayed an hour. And in the past (and possibly today), Lakers road games on the East Coast were delayed an hour.

As I write this, CBS is halfway through its telecast of the Grammy Awards in the Pacific Time Zone. But why bother watching? Even the Grammy people themselves have posted the awards list on the Grammys website. So why sit through the show - and all of those ads that companies paid a lot of money to air - when you can already get the news from the web? They've been tweeting about the Grammys for several hours now.

As a result, PopBytes wasn't paying attention at first:

while all the grammy excitement is going down here in los angeles (although i hate being on west coast delay - that drives me bonkers) a bunch of actors are gathered over in rainy london for the BAFTA awards (british academy of film and television arts)...

I know that people claim that the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences is behind the times, but thanks to CBS, this accusation can be made quite literally.
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