Thursday, February 26, 2009

When Madonna Was Hot - "Vogue"

So now it's 1990 - seven years after "Holiday," and four years after things began to get interesting with "Papa Don't Preach." Madonna is still racking up the hits, and while she's still hovering in the dance arena, now she's adding new sounds to the dance experience.

Here's what some Amazon reviewers said about the maxi single:

In my opinion Madonna's Best Dance Song, January 4, 2005
By JimJrz
Vogue is my favorite Madonna song, when it came out in May 1990 it was a new sound in the dance floors around the world, bringing back a dance style (vogueing) that was undeground so far....

The Singles has 4 tracks, the Single Version that I really, the 12" version (8.19 mins), the Bette Davis dub (7.24 mins) and the Strike-a-pose Dub (7.37 mins), all mixed by the great Shep Pettibone (who will be a grear influence in her next Album Erotica).

And you can find the following at reviewcentre:

Full review by jehkos on 1st Jan 2006

User Rating : 10

Vogue is widely acknowledged as one of Madonna's best and most successful singles. Madonna's unique and unparalleled ability to remain one step ahead of everybody else by utilising the vibe of the moment is most evident in Vogue. This is one of her most successful singles to date.

I figured I'd check to see what Wilson & Alroy had to say, and I was reminded that Wilson & Alroy don't review singles; they review albums. And, unfortunately for the reader, "Vogue" first appeared on I'm Breathless, which received only 1 1/2 stars from Wilson.

Music from or "inspired by" Madonna's latest film, "Dick Tracy." This was relatively unsuccessful commercially, and it's not hard to see why: most of the tracks are campy 20's throwbacks, including the few songs that were actually used in the film ("Sooner Or Later"). She gets credit for stretching herself, as on the highly-orchestrated album opener "He's A Man," but she's not up to the challenge: track after track is dull ("Hanky Panky" is the most boring song about spanking I can possibly imagine) or downright annoying (the Carmen Miranda-like "I'm Going Bananas"). If it weren't for "Vogue," a minimal house number that became the year's top selling single, this album would be a complete waste of money. (DBW)

Granted that Wilson & Alroy are tough reviewers, but when was the last time you hummed something from "Dick Tracy"?
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