Monday, July 20, 2009

I want you to REALLY want me

While I never actually owned an 8-track tape during my younger years, I theoretically could have done so. And if you want to own one, you can do so today. Outside the Beltway noted that Cheap Trick, a band which saw major success when 8-track tapes were still in style, is releasing its latest album - with the creative title "The Latest" - in an 8-track version. Of course, retro has its price - in this case, $30.

Now certain people, possibly including myself, will get all amused over this thing and laugh at people who seek out 8-tracks when CDs are plentiful.

Or maybe not. Guardian Unlimited reported that "Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)" was able to chart with only 64 CD sales. The caption for the accompanying photo:

Florence Welch hopes nobody realises she bought all 64 singles herself.

Oh, if only Brian Epstein were alive today. He'd be buying 8-tracks like tomorrow never knows.
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