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Empoprise-MU News - 19 July 2009

Empoprise-MU News

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Welcome to Empoprise-MU News

Music soothes the savage beast. Ron Perlman recited poetry on a "Beauty and the Beast" TV show soundtrack. But that's beside the point, sort of.

Behind the Scenes

I've referred to my long-tail reduction and fattening-up project, but I haven't really explained what I'm doing to my library.

First, I took a look at all of the artists that I had only played once. Some of the artists were eliminated from my library altogether. For all of the rest, I made sure to play the artist a second time. Therefore, when my library is the way I want it to be, I have a bunch of artists with two plays, and exactly zero artists with just one play. Of course this goes out of balance from time to time, and then I have to revisit my one-play artists again.

In a perfect world, I would then move on to the two-play artists and bump them up to the three-play level, or can them altogether, in an attempt to shorten and fatten the tail still further.

The one advantage of this exercise is that I get to listen to a wide variety of music as I check out each of these minimal-play artists. I mean, you can't listen to "The Girl and the Robot" ALL of the time.

Special Features

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