Monday, August 10, 2009

#iwt - the musical tweets

It's August 10, and I'm in California, a place where I haven't been since July 25. Back on the 25th, I departed the state on a 2+ week train trip to Illinois, with a side trip to Wisconsin. However, I didn't want to necessarily advertise that I was away, so I pre-wrote a lot of posts in advance and just kept the Empoprise-MU blog (and my other blogs) humming along as unusual.

But I still tweeted and blogged about my vacation as it happened - I just obfuscated things a little, often using the hashtag #iwt (which stands for Illinois Wisconsin Train, at least when I use it).

For example, on July 26 I tweeted the following:

song in head - "take it easy" #iwt

That was my announcement that my train was passing through Winslow, Arizona (not that I was standing on a corner looking at a girl or anything). In a similar vein, the July 27 tweet

i probably won't scrobble it, but i'm thinking "hey hey hey hey" #iwt

indicated that I was in Kansas City - "Hey Hey Hey Hey" being the Little Richard song that he paired with the song "Kansas City". Incidentally, it also was an admission that I wasn't using at the moment, and in fact wouldn't be using it for a couple of weeks.

Oh, and there was this August 5 tweet:

badger badger badger badger #iwt

This had nothing to do with the "Badger Badger Badger Badger" song, but instead referred to the fact that I was in Wisconsin.

But I wasn't just tweeting - I was also blogging. For example, this July 10 photoblog post was written while I was in downtown Crystal Lake, Illinois. Somehow I can't picture your top metal bands using a Hello Kitty axe.

So I guess my vacation inspired tweets about the Eagles, Little Richard, and Hello Kitty, among others. (Now that's a concert bill.) If you want to see all of my #iwt tweets, don't bother searching Twitter; instead, use the FriendFeed search

Which brings me to the #iwt tweet from @LilAicha87, but that's a topic for another post.
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