Friday, August 7, 2009

I guess Duncan Riley and I have different tastes in music (Avalanches, "Frontier Psychiatrist")

Back on July 22, Duncan Riley shared this video from the Avalanches.

Riley also shared his take on the video:

Before today I’ve never heard of the band The Avalanches, and after today I hope I don’t hear of them again any time soon.

Actually, I found the song fairly catchy, and the video images certainly lend themselves to the lyrics. And, according to Wikipedia, there was certainly a lot of assembly required, even for the music:

"Frontier Psychiatrist" contains samples from "Frontier Psychiatrist" written by John Robert Dobson, Published by the Estate of John Robert Dobson, Performed by Wayne and Shuster, Courtesy of Sony Music; and embodies a portion of "My Way of Life" written by Bert Kaempfert, Cral Sigman and Herber Rehbein, published by Screen Gems-EMI Music, Inc. (BMI) throughout the world excluding Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, where it is published by Bert Kaempfert Music Publishing GmbH (GEMA), and excluding the United States of America, its territories and possessions, where it is published by Screen Gems-EMI Music, Inc. and JPMC Music Inc. on behalf of itself and Ruth Rehbein Music (BMI). Used by permission. The initial words are sampled from the film Polyester.

And as for the video that sent Riley's head spinning, some people liked it:

The video for 'Frontier Psychiatrist' was later awarded runner-up prize at Soho Shorts Film Festival in the UK.

The album that included "Frontier Psychiatrist" was initially released in 2000 (in Riley's home country of Australia). A new album is rumored, but sample clearances may be holding up its release.
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