Friday, August 13, 2010

Orelsan and The Toxic Avenger, "N'importe Comment"

Jake Kuramoto shared this video because of its IRL references to online life. Kuramoto learned of the video via Europopped:

Orelsan and his friend The Toxic Avenger love Facebook. The Frenchmen love it so much they've made an entire video, filmed in Venice, featuring the social networking site.

The Toxic Avenger's MySpace page is here. And if you're worried about Orelsan literally poking women, some have accused him of worse things:

[A]n online video of a song he wrote two years ago, Sale Pute (Dirty Slut), came to the attention of feminists for its explicitly violent lyrics about beating up a girlfriend caught cheating. "If I break your arm, consider that we parted on good terms," was a rare printable lyric from his sexually explicit descriptions of violence.

Women's groups and the Communist party denounced "an incitement to hatred against women" and called for the rapper to be banned from one of France's biggest rock festivals...Le Printemps de Bourges. The Socialist party supported the call, stressing that France was battling high levels of violence against women.

The government joined the outcry, and the culture minister, Christine Albanel, asked YouTube and its French equivalent, Dailymotion, to remove the video from their sites.

I don't know if any French politicians have complained about the poking yet.
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