Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Real estate agent from the stars

There are all sorts of real estate agents throughout southern California, and many of them have websites. Here is the website for one of those agents, Marilyn Wilson-Rutherford.

The musical notes that surround Rutherford's name are no accident, since Rutherford, under her maiden name of Marilyn Rovell, was a member of a 1960s girl group called The Honeys. However, she is more famous in musical circles for being the first wife of Beach Boy Brian Wilson, and being the mother of two thirds of Wilson Phillips.

Rutherford uses her past as an opening to talk about the present. When people ask about her musical fame, it offers her an opening to transition to real estate talk.

She knows her past is a big part of who she is today. And she knows that soon enough the conversation will turn to the present and her work as one of the Westside’s premier real estate professionals. And soon you’ll be talking about the most important issue at hand...your future and your real estate goals.

Having lived in southern California for her entire life, she obviously has an understanding of the area.

Since 1994, Marilyn has been putting her own creative stamp on Brentwood real estate. As one of the premier real estate professionals on the Westside, she simply never compromises when it comes to helping her clients achieve their goals. Her genuine passion for life and her career is music to the ears of buyers and sellers alike because they know that when they work with Marilyn, she simply won’t quit until she’s helped them achieve the results they’re after....

For Marilyn, her career, like life itself, is all about harmony. It’s about using her knowledge, insight and experience in Westside real estate to bring buyers and sellers together and create winning results for both. It’s about carefully listening to the goals and aspirations of her clients and then matching them with the ideal property to turn those dreams into reality. But more than anything, it’s about truly making a positive difference in the lives of those who put their trust in her each and every day.

I don't anticipate that I'll be buying a house in Brentwood any time in the near future, but if you plan to do so, this is presumably a real estate agent who will make you Smile.
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