Friday, May 6, 2011

Dave Berry Slept Here (where "here" is Sheffield)

There is a "Crying Game" website, based in the UK, that talks about the rich musical history of Sheffield.


Yes. This is obviously not a Boy George website, but a site dedicated to Dave Berry, the original singer for "The Crying Game." Here's what Berry's web site says about Sheffield:

Sheffield has long since proved to be a fertile breeding ground for musical talent- from the Human Leaque, ABC and Def Leppard in the 80s to Pulp and Moloko in the 90s and more recently the Arctic Monkeys and Richard Hawley. But back in the 60s, the city of steel only reared two genuine stars; Joe Cocker, and the enigmatic Dave Berry.

I lingered on the website, and it suddenly started playing "This Strange Effect." Normally I hate website that play music without allowing the viewer to control it...but it's a good song.

And here's Dave singing "The Crying Game.".

By the way, Boy George isn't the only artist who has covered a Dave Berry song. Listen to Hooverphonic.

P.S. For an explanation of the title, read the first sentence of this post.
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