Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Community, cancer, and a very long tongue

In my mrontemp blog, I shared a couple of posts that mentioned Parrot Heads of the Triad, and the charity work that is performed by this organization of Jimmy Buffett fans.

One of the groups supported by Parrot Heads of the Triad is Relay for Life, a fundraising event for the American Cancer Society.

But it turns out that parrot heads aren't the only music fans who support this charity, as this article from the Dawson (Georgia) News & Advertiser indicates:

Tommie Smith, left, and Cole Pearson pose for a picture with Gene Simmons at Relay for Life. J. Pearson (Gene Simmons) dressed up as the rocker from KISS as part of his team's '70s theme. (Photo/A.J. Puckett)

To see Puckett's photo, click here. You can see J. Pearson in all his glory, including his tongue.

And other KISS-related groups have participated in similar fundraisers (here's an example). Their slogan? "KISS Cancer Goodbye."

And sometimes the fans provide musical entertainment.

OK, they mimed it, but "Paul" certainly gave his all toward the end of the performance.
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