Wednesday, May 18, 2011

(empo-tymshft) (empo-utoobd) Peaches, Herb, Simon, Nick, the Taylors, and Justin?

I heard Duran Duran's songs when they first came out, but some people weren't around at the time. When THEPRANKCALLERS94 posted "Union of the Snake" to YouTube, commenter HazelEyedEpiphany offered the following observations:

omfg! i remembe the first time i heard this was on the radio a few years before all this justin bieber crap, and i never knew the name of the song! :( yesterday my friend was telling me about her mom's favorite band when she was a tween, i looked them up and...REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO GOOD!!!!

It should be noted that the final phrase is a quote from a 1970s song that predates Duran Duran, but has obviously entered our musical consciousness.

Speaking of Herb (real name Herb Feemster, stage name Herb Fame), he became a court security officer in 1986 and hasn't looked back. Well, not much.

"I come here to work," he says during an interview in an empty courtroom. "I really enjoy coming to the court every day. I enjoy the people here; I smile and laugh with them every day. And I enjoy standing in the court and listening to these trials."


Some entertainers hire bodyguards; Feemster is more or less working as one, as his duties include judicial personnel protection. He carries a Glock and two extra magazines on his belt, and if you want to make a No. 1-with-a-bullet joke, well, by all means.

I think I'll pass on making that joke. And I won't make that joke with Peaches, either - Francine Barker passed away in 2005.
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