Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Not for the Bruins - I revisit O.P.M.

On Sunday night, Mike Nayyar shared the fact that he was listening to Elton John's "Levon." This reminded me of my previous comments in this blog about "Levon" and other early Elton John songs, and the influence of Paul Buckmaster. Now Buckmaster was not the only creator of O.P.M. - over-produced music. In the post, I made a passing reference to another tune.

Now "Tusk" was pretty much a one-off - there's no marching band on "Albatross"...

"Tusk," of course, is the title track from Fleetwood Mac's Tusk album. The title song famously featured the University of Southern California marching band, which was recorded in a nearly-empty Dodger Stadium, decades before Frank McCourt owned the place.

Now you can find several third-party sources that discuss how the song was conceived, and how the video was conceived, but I thought it best to go to the original source - the band's website. After all, the page promised to provide commentary on the songs. Unfortunately, the commentary on "Tusk" was written by third parties. Here's a sample:

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There are a number of similar types of comments for everything from jewelry to sports jerseys.

And you thought the RECORDING was a cacophony...

P.S. The video's embedding is disabled by request, but you can see it here.
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