Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Walking in the Rain," version 1.0

I found it.

Let's jump back to a 2008 post on this very blog:

One of my favorite songs while I was growing up was Flash and the Pan's "Walking in the Rain." I couldn't find the original version on YouTube, but I did find Grace Jones' version.

The 2008 post then shared this video:

In my 2008 post, I described the original song:

If you're only familiar with Jones' version, the original is like Jones, only with less emotion.

Well, exactly three months after that September 25, 2008 post, some kind soul uploaded a sort-of video of Flash and the Pan's "Walking in the Rain." I say "sort of" because the video consists of someone putting a record on a turntable and playing it. Actually, come of think of it, perhaps that's the original video for the song.

Well, now you can listen (and watch) and judge for yourself.

From the album Flash and the Pan, by the band Flash and the Pan. Product link below, FCC disclosure applies.

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