Friday, February 3, 2012

Reed College radio station KRRC leaves Federal control

In connection with the FM transmitter that I now have in my car to broadcast netbook output over my car radio, I recently noted that I am again an FM broadcaster.

Again, because in my college days I was a deejay on Reed College's campus radio station, KRRC.

Therefore, I was sad to learn that KRRC gave away its license a couple of months ago.

Add THE REED INSTITUTE to the list of educational institutions selling their radio stations. REED (better known as liberal arts institution REED COLLEGE) is transferring noncommercial Variety KRRC/PORTLAND to COMMON FREQUENCY, INC. for no consideration. The college moved its programming to online-only in NOVEMBER.

I went to Reed's website, but learned little more:

The campus radio station, KRRC, moved to a strictly online format in November 2011. Check here for access information once it is up and running. This station has been entirely student-run since 1955. While it has changed call letters and its location on the dial over the years, it has retained the same independent and creative spirit. KRRC plays a wide range of genres and formats day and night during the school year. Among the many genres you will hear on the station are pop/rock, hip-hop, bluegrass/country, jazz, reggae, funk/disco, punk/hardcore, and indie rock/postpunk.

Unfortunately, as of today there is no additional information on KRRC's online broadcasting. But it's an interesting move, since by going online and by relinquishing its place on the public airwaves, KRRC is no longer under U.S. government control. Well, except for U.S. government control of the Internet.

And yes, this is not the first time that I talked about KRRC online. This post quotes a 1982 mention of the station that I made on Usenet.
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