Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Revisiting the Ontario Emperor's Virtual Domain

I had occasion to visit a website that I created nearly twenty years ago.

The website, Ontario Emperor's Virtual Domain, can be found on Tripod. Originally created around 1998, I haven't really interacted with it since 2009. In fact, I recently had trouble remembering whether the site was on Tripod, or Excite.

Yes, the color scheme betrays its 1990s heritage. But the color scheme is unique.

Reading through the website lets you wander through ancient tech history. References to mp3.com, geocities, DejaNews, and Beseen can be found in its pages.

Regarding the content, I stopped updating the website in January 2009. The website doesn't even include the very last (so far) Ontario Emperor recordings, uploaded to last.fm in May 2009.

Yet I still find myself visiting the website every once in a while, and for those few who like MIDI-generated synth music, you may like it also. "Little Vegas One" from Exile One is a personal favorite.
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