Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A chilling remix of "Rock Me Amadeus"

I am surprised that I haven't posted this before, but here goes.

In the early and mid 1980s, an Austrian rock singer named Falco achieved trans-Atlantic fame with a song called "Rock Me Amadeus." However, because Falco sang in German and stuff, and Americans are afraid of foreign languages, a special remix was released here that minimized the German verses, retained the English "Rock me Amadeus" chorus, and added a spoken word intro with important dates in Mozart's life.

From my perspective, Falco pretty much disappeared after the mid-1980s, although I remember viewing a weird video for a song named "Jeanny."

A decade later, Falco was involved in a fatal automobile crash after ingesting various substances.

Roughly a decade after that, a new remix of "Rock Me Amadeus" was released. It had a few differences from the original.

First, the song included a series of biographical dates, but the dates corresponded to the life of Falco, not Mozart.

Second, the song included references to other Falco songs - more on that in a minute.

Third, the biographical dates continue long beyond the shouted "Rock Me Amadeus" - until we reach the mid-1990s where "fame is now a distant memory."

Then we arrive at February 6, 1998, and the events of that day are narrated, along with automobile/truck sounds.

The song then includes a "News Flash," but not the news flash from "Jeanny."

Perhaps it's best if you listen. Those familiar with Falco's career will appreciate the way this was put together.

Philip Hubbard's video is good too.
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