Monday, December 8, 2008

Let's put Kathy Griffin, Clay Aiken, and Donny Osmond in the same post

We'll start with Kathy and Clay. But they're not sitting in a tree:

For years, the brash jokestress [Griffin] has poked fun at the "American Idol" alum, calling him "Gayken" and urging the singer to come out of the closet -- which he ultimately did in September.

So Griffin tried to make up:

"I held up one of those ghetto blasters playing one of Clay's songs, and I begged him to take me back and he said no," Griffin told E! Online....

"There were no words of thanks or even really any words at all, for that matter," Griffin said. "I would have to say he was not very nice."

Now if you're going to talk about nice, you have to talk about Donny Osmond. But some people think of him as O.J. Simpson personfied.

This is what he said. This is what Donny Osmond said:

Osmond, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, responded to a fan's question about his stance on gay marriage. We think he opposes gay marriage, but his diplomatic answer also seems to support the merits of personal choice. He writes:

"Some of my best friends are gay... I do support our Church leaders who say that we can accept those with gay tendencies in our church as long as they do not act upon their temptations. Everyone has tendencies to succumb to temptation... Whether we may be tempted to be immoral with members of our own sex or of the opposite sex, we are expected to live chaste lives."

"I am not a judge and I will never judge anyone for the decisions they make unless they are causing harm to another individual. I love my friends, including my gay friends. We are all God's children. It is their choice, not mine on how they conduct their lives and choose to live the commandments according to the dictates of their own conscience."

I think that the thing that threw PopEater was that Osmond was nice about it and didn't bash. Not that it mattered to John Aravosis:

He kind of equated us with men who beat their wives and children, or perhaps men who have sex with their own children, it's a bit hard to tell. But what isn't hard to tell is the part where he says that gays are "immoral" and that they "will bring upon individuals, communities, and nations the calamities foretold by ancient and modern prophets."

What a pompous bigoted ass. Do you forcibly convert Jewish Holocaust victims to Mormonism too, Donny?

Just imagine if O.J. Simpson became a Mormon while in prison. Then John Aravosis and Fred Goldman could both go after him.
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