Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Digitally Imported (di.fm) is on Facebook

Last Friday, I ran a post in my Empoprise-MU music blog entitled NTN Buzztime is on Facebook. It began as follows:

I should have thought to search for this before, because Facebook has everything. But I happened to run across NTN Buzztime's Facebook page recently.

Well perhaps I should repeat the same introduction all over again. I was looking at thejadekitsune's StumbleUpon account (she reviewed my Empoprise-BI business blog 3 months ago) and noticed that she has recently selected di.fm as one of her favorites.

Although I like di.fm (especially on my mobile phone, since it's the only available option on my older phone), I admit that I haven't visited the site in a while. So I was pleased to discover that di.fm, like everyone else, now has a Facebook fan page.
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