Friday, September 11, 2009

Who is qualified to judge music?

While people in the United States are discussing Ellen DeGeneres' fitness to be a judge for American Idol, people in the United Kingdom are discussing the fitness of the Mercury judges. For the record, here are the judges and their occupations:

Janice Long
Former BBC Radio 1 DJ, now of Radio 2

Charles Hazlewood
Noted British classical music conductor

Jude Rogers
Guardian music columnist

Arwa Haider
Metro newspaper music critic

George Ergatoudis
Head of Music, BBC Radio 1

Conor McNicholas
Former editor of NME. Now editor of Top Gear magazine

Mike Flynn
Jazz editor, Time Out magazine

John Kennedy
DJ and presenter of X-Posure new music show on XFM

Mark Findlay
Head of Music, Global Radio

Dean Jackson
DJ BBC Radio Nottingham

This begs the question - what are the minimum qualifications to judge the quality of music in a particular genre?

P.S. A former music judge is looking for work:

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