Wednesday, July 21, 2010

An earth-shattering discovery - Doctor Orange's "Taco Taco Taco" is on YouTube

Some of you know that I used to release synthetica songs on the old before it stopped supporting bad indie artists like myself. While I was issuing CDs of "Road Array" and similar songs, there were other artists on My favorite was someone called Doctor Orange, known for a song called "Buried Alive" in which someone was buried alive. But Doctor Orange was better known for his ode to tacos, "Taco Taco Taco."

I enjoyed listening to it at the time, but by October 2003 I could no longer find it. By November 2003 I was defending the song against a non-believer. In February 2008 (in the comments of a December 2003 post) I was discussing the song with another believer, regretting that I could not find the song anywhere.

Until now. Or at least in January 2009. "Taco Taco Taco" is now on YouTube, along with video pictures of tacos. Enjoy.

Don't you agree that this is the most meaningful song that was released in the 20th century - even more meaningful than "96 Tears"?
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