Saturday, November 22, 2008

Santa's list lives in England

It's getting to that time of the year when I have to assemble a Christmas list.

I say "have to" because it's not my favorite exercise.

One would think that a Christmas list should consist of things that you want, but in reality a Christmas list consists of things that people would want to buy for you.

So, despite my best wishes, I don't think that a a Christmas list consisting solely of Gold Toe men's dress socks is going to fly.

So now I'm trying to think of a couple of CDs that people could buy for me, provided that they could find them.

The only problem is - what CDs should I put on the list?

This is when I turned to my account, which has been religiously recording all of the songs that I've scrobbled over the past couple of years and storing them in's computers:

Our office is in Shoreditch in East London. When we started, the four site programmers lived in tents on the roof of the office. Now, we occupy a whole floor on Baches Street, we seem to have someone new on the team every other week (either here or in New York), and is a global music service available in 12 languages. And last year became part of CBS - so that's another six thousand or so people helping out. Sometimes we get nostalgic for the early days. Then we give ourselves a slap around the head and say "Wake up! There are still people who can't get at the music they want the way they want to. So, back to work…"

After reviewing the data, I'm starting to zero in on two CDs to put on my list:
I might sift through the data a bit more, but this is as good a suggestion service as any.

The joys of data collection.

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