Thursday, November 6, 2008

Perhaps Lindsay Lohan can be employed at this radio station

I didn't realize how much Los Angeles, California radio station Indie 103.1 loves ex-musicians as deejays.

Now I had certainly heard of Steve Jones and Dave Navarro, but I was not aware of the musical history of morning deejay Joe Escalante - until he lost his morning show:

Joe Escalante has left the KDLD-FM ("Indie 103.1") morning show. Escalante's departure comes as station owner Entravision makes some budget trims (as everyone seems to be doing these days).

Ted Roman is hosting the show for now, at least on an interim basis. No word if Roman will permanently replace Escalante, or if another host is on the way.

A bassist for the punk band The Vandals and owner of Kung Fu Records, Escalante also spent 12 years as a business affairs exec, including time at CBS.

Of course, I'm not the greatest Vandals fan in the world, so I guess I could be excused for not recognizing the name.

But then Mike of Franklin Avenue (from whom I quoted the above) made this additional comment:

When the station axed morning show host (and Mighty Mighty Bosstones singer) Dicky Barrett in May 2006, Escalante was tapped to replace him.

Now you probably note that the musicians that they hire happen to come from bands that Indie 103.1s likely to play. But why don't they expand their deejay roster to include, say, all types of musicians?

I'm sure that Lindsay Lohan, for example, would jump at the chance to prove her stability by hosting a show every day.

And if Jessica Simpson weren't so busy doing everything else under ths sun, perhaps she could do some hosting. She'd be especially good for wacky radio stunts, also. "Does Proposition 2 affect Chicken of the Sea?"

And heck, I'm lost track of Vicki Lawrence. (If you don't remember Lawrence, she was primarily famous as a comedienne, but also had a number one hit with "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia" back in the day.) I'd love to hear Mama's take on some modern music.

But let's close with a little video. From Joe Escalante's YouTube account, here's a live Vandals show from 2008.

And, by way of contrast, here's Vicki and Reba McIntire singing a song that was a hit for both of them:

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