Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Signs of the Apocalypse - Snoop Dogg joins Jessica Simpson in the country music arena

In the course of researching a blog post on African pirates, I ran across this Snoop Dogg video double feature.

While it's surprising that Snoop went country in the first song ("My Medicine"), it isn't surprising that Willie Nelson was cited in the song. In the song, Snoop also mentions Johnny Cash and "Whitey Ford" (Everlast).

Snoop Dogg and Conan O’Brien recently discussed Snoop’s recent album Ego Trippin’, in particular a collaboration with Everlast entitled “My Medicine.” “I love country music,” Snoop recalled, “so what I did was I had my partner Everlast come in and help me write this song.”

And "Ridin in My Chevy" is a nice endorsement of American manufacturing.

I have to assume that Snoop is positioning himself to be a future performer at a safe Super Bowl halftime show. Or a Republican performer:

Everybody’s tracking things down. The estimable Marijuana Policy Project has tracked down the fact that Sarah Palin has publicly acknowledged that she smoked marijuana and inhaled – but she says she didn’t like it. Of course possession and use was legal in Alaska for some time, though it was still against federal law.
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