Sunday, November 30, 2008

Devo's Experience - Are U Energized?

I own "The Complete Truth About De-Evolution,", which (if you haven't heard of it) is a collection of Devo's videos along with some extra features.

However, the DVD is misnamed. Because, you see, one video was left off the collection:

E.C.: Speaking of de-evolution, why didn’t the Hendrix estate give you permission to put the “Are U Experienced” video on the DVD (See the review of the Devo DVD “The Complete Truth About De-Evolution” here)

Gerald Casale: Further de-evolution. You understand that the consortium of people that now represent the Hendrix estate are basically run by lawyers; the lawyer mentality. Lawyers always posit the worst-case scenarios. Though that video was loved for years by anybody who saw it including the man who commissioned it - Chuck Arroff - a luminary in the music business who still claims to this day that it was one of his five most favorite videos ever; they [the lawyers] didn’t get it and assumed we were making fun of Jimi. That’s like saying “Whip it” makes fun of cowboys. This is so stupid it’s unbelievable.

Apparently Hendrix's lawyers didn't see other Devo videos, or else they might have concluded that "Beautiful World" makes fun of civil rights or some such.

So, is "Are U Experienced" a diabolical effort by Devo to insult Hendrix? Judge for yourself:

Actually, the Hendrix lawyers are laughable about this whole "pristine" thingie. After all, Gerald Casale never choked to death on his own vomit. And especially when you consider what the estate does deem to be acceptable:

Authentic Hendrix, the product-licensing subsidiary of Experience Hendrix, the company owned by the heirs of the legendary guitarist, is teaming up with California-based Beverage Concepts to launch an energy drink named Liquid Experience....

Experience Hendrix spokesman Bob Merlis told today that each product-licensing opportunity is given due diligence and that an energy drink fits well with the legendary guitarist's image.

But when the drink was reviewed, the one questionable area was the price:

Well the taste and kick are both pretty good. The price is the only thing that really needs any work. The MSRP looks like it will be any where from $2.49 - to $2.99. However, I did see that you can buy a case of this on their site for about $48.00 which would bring the cost down to $2.00 a can which would be much more competitive with the rest of the market.

Lawyer's fees, I suppose.

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