Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another variation on Whitney's name? Or will they call this one "Houston, we don't have a problem"?

Whitney Houston has released several albums, among them "Whitney Houston" (1985), "Whitney" (1987), and "Just Whitney" (2002). But, as the New York Times notes, she hasn't released anything new in a while:

[I]n 2002, she was still the happily married spouse of Bobby Brown who had never starred in a reality television series and had never been impersonated by Maya Rudolph on “Saturday Night Live.” Ah, good times.

Well, both the Times and PopEater are reporting that we're only a few months away from a new Whitney Houston album.

"The voice is there; I don’t think anyone could ever take that from her," singer Akon, who recorded a duet with Houston titled 'Like I Never Left,' told in 2007. "As long as we apply that voice to hit records, she’ll be right back where she left off."

Perhaps, although what will actually be on the album is a mystery - one that will supposedly be revealed on Houston's web site in the months before the album release. The only disturbing part? The "sizzle reel" on her website describes her in terms of numeric superlatives and past glories. Just like Michael Jackson has been marketed. Not a good sign.

On or before September 1, we'll know if this is a comeback or a dud.

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