Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Somehow Joy Brigade didn't seem right

There's a band that has had an interesting career over the last several decades, under several different names. First known as Warsaw, then as Joy Division, this band existed until Ian Curtis committed suicide. The remaining three members re-formed as New Order (previously discussed here), added a fourth member (Gillian Gilbert, replaced a couple of decades later by Phil Cunningham), and existed in some form for several decades until Peter Hook departed.

Now, Stereogum links to an NME article that highlights the next incarnation of this band:

Former New Order members Bernard Sumner, Stephen Morris and Phil Cunningham have formed a new band without ex-bassist Peter Hook.

The collective, Bad Lieutenant, features Blur's Alex James on bass duties, Sumner told BBC Newsbeat that they have already completed recording an album, set for release in October.

"I'm very proud of it, it's a very good album," Sumner said. "It's pretty guitary too because we've got three guitarists in the band."

Even when New Order was primarily known as an electronic dance band, there was always a guitar element in their sound.

One question for Sumner and Morris, who have been through all of these different changes - how does it feel?
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