Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rolling Who? What about 131901319013190's opinion of the Spencer Pratt song?

The Inquisitr recently featured a YouTube video of Spencer Pratt's song "I'm a Celebrity." Now ordinarily, when a song is released, one used to have to wait for Rolling Stone or MAXIMUMROCKNROLL or Trouser Press or Spin Magazine or someone to weigh in on the song and pontificate about it. (You knew that the radio deejays would not give an honest assessment.)

But for Spencer Pratt, I'm not waiting for or Robert Hilburn or whoever to make an official pronouncement on the merits or demerits of this extremely important song. Instead, I turn to noted reviewer 131901319013190.

Now, 131901319013190 (I'll call him 131 for short) was able to get his opinion out there quickly, link it to another YouTube video, and get it positioned in such a way that I could immeidately hear what 131 had to say about the immense talents of Spencer Pratt.

Now, YouTube is not the only place where people can review songs. I have to mention that has already collected several reviews of the song, a couple of which are even positive.


And, for better or worse, these reviews can be posted by anybody, which means that ANYTHING could be reviewed. I should know:

by breadcrust

The Whimperor's tune are made on a cheap casio with trash can lids clanging for rythm. I thought this music was a joke at first like spinal tap but no,
this loon is serious.

Of course, then there are some accuracy issues:

God, but that voice would peel paint!

That particular CD was entirely instrumental. Whoops...

Now there is certainly still room for the professional reviewer, and I hope that all of the Hilburns don't fade away because of the 131s and breadcrusts of the world. But it's good to know that we have alternatives, and that current technology allows these alternatives to be aggregated or dis-aggregated as we see fit, so that we can find reviews that make sense to us.

Now if you'll pardon me, I have to take my trash can to the trash can tuner...
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