Monday, May 3, 2010

Another year older and deeper in sleep (Johnny gets ready for The Griffins)

About a year ago, I wrote a post that talked about how older music lovers might not necesarily stay up as late as younger music lovers. This doesn't affect lovers of certain types of music - symphony orchestras usually don't have a midnight show - but if you want to Understand This Groove in an electro sort of way, you may have to stay up beyond 3am to do it.

In the course of that post, I mentioned the defunct Inland Empire band Alexa's Wish, some of whose fans were in their 30s and thus had jobs and things to go to the morning after a show. Well, Alexa's Wish bassist/songwriter Ralph Tomaselli has since moved to the Griffins, who have a show coming up on the evening of Wednesday, May 12.

The Griffins are the headliners, and they appear at 9:30. Musically, the Griffins go a little bit beyond what Alexa's Wish did, as you can see by this video.

And they (like Alexa's Wish) will do a cover now and again:

Other bands performing Wednesday May 12 include Joey Get Down! and Once Bitten. They're appearing at the Crazy Horse, which is now in West Covina.
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