Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Belated follow-up (White Town's "Make the World Go Away")

OK, so I guess I'm not that talented a journalist.

On September 28, 2009, I wrote a post dedicated to White Town's song "Your Woman." The post included some information on White Town and Jyoti Mishra, and even resulted in a comment from Jyoti Mishra...although it's conceivable that the comment might have been made by ANOTHER Jyoti Mishra.

The post even included a link to a September 2009 blog post about a recent White Town appearance - a post that said, in part,

What made me beam was seeing people singing along with songs that weren’t ‘Your Woman.’ There was a lad right at the front and I swear he knew the lyrics to everything from ‘We’ll Always Have Paris’ to ‘Death In Kettering.’ That’s basically 19 years’ worth of White Town covered! How flattering is that?

Yet despite all this, I didn't make an effort at the time to seek out any White Town songs that were actually recorded during the current millennium.

Until now.

I searched Mishra's YouTube account, and ran across this video for a 2007 song entitled "Make The World Go Away."

I don't know about you, but this song is as strong as that other White Town song that we've all heard. And the video itself is a self-produced affair:

I’m [quite] pleased with how it’s turned out. It’s obviously a bit rubbish as it’s the first time I’ve written and made a popvid with a story (the ‘Your Woman’-era ones were all by the godlike Mark Adcock) but hopefully I’ll get better with experience.

And the lyrics are just as happy-go-lucky as the lyrics for "Your Woman." (I'm joking here, of course - see my previous post for an excerpt of the lyrics from "Your Woman.") Here's the chorus:

Well you can paint out the sky
You can turn night into day
You can sleep as long as you like
But you can’t make the world go away
No you can’t make the world go away

And extra points to anyone who can work the word "provenance" into the lyrics of a pop song.
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