Tuesday, March 28, 2017

#oealbumreveal And the tentative title for the forthcoming Ontario Emperor album is...


While the final track listing is yet to be worked out, one of the songs will be entitled "Plate." It may or may not bear a similarity to the already-released song "Bare Plate." (Less bare, presumably, although you can't really count on that.)

As of right now, "Salad" is NOT available. Stay tuned to https://ontarioemperor.bandcamp.com/ for further information.

P.S. While "Bare Plate" will not necessarily provide an indicator of what "Salad" will sound like, I can say that "Salad" sounds more like "Bare Plate" than, say, "Macarena." Here's a listen to the previously-released "Bare Plate."

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