Saturday, September 20, 2008

Jessica Simpson first week album sales

Pop Eater has concluded that Jessica Simpson's career is "on the rocks."

Jessica Simpson's first foray into country music, "Do You Know," will debut at number one on Billboard's Top Country Albums list. It sounds impressive, until you take a closer look at the numbers. The album sold a meager 65,000 copies in its first full week... compared to 101,000 opening week copies of her last album (and the previous album sold 2.9 million copies total). While "Do You Know" takes the fourth spot on the all-genre Billboard 200, it lagged behind sales by Metallica, Young Jeezy and Kid Rock....

If the decline in her sales is an indication, perhaps Jessica Simpson would be wise to return to more familiar pop ground.

Of course, Pop Eater has assumed that the most desirable thing to do is to maximize your album sales - or what I call the Michael Jackson attitude to song production, where every song is supposedly capable of being a number one hit that will sell millions of copies.

By Pop Eater's line of thinking, Brian Eno should chuck everything he's doing and record a duet with Amy Winehouse.

Frankly, Simpson's achievement is notable. I'll grant that some of the purchases have to do with the notoriety factor, but if somebody's going to plunk down money for a CD these days, they must at least like some of the songs on the thing.

If you want to hear the song for yourself, check the YouTube video at this prior post.
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