Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jessica Simpson works on other aspects of country stardom

Jessica Simpson has performed at the Grand Ole Opry, and her album is doing well, but is she truly a country star?

If one wants to fit the stereotypical country star mold, you need to have a broken heart, a drinking problem, and a dog.

Well, Jessica's been through Nick Lachey and Tony Romo, so she's taken care of that.

And if (emphasize the "if") PopCrunch is to be believed, she's working on the alcohol:

The buxom singing star was ejected from a Marc Jacobs Fashion Show afterparty during a drunken night out in the Big Apple on September 8.

“Jessica was stumbling around the party slurring her words and barely able to stand,” says a Star Magazine insider, who claims Jessica was asked to leave the event just before dinner.

No word on the dog.
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